Children and Young People’s  Second Consultation

15 November 2022 – 15 February 2023

The UN Committee on the Rights of Child is inviting children and young people worldwide to provide their views on the first draft of guidelines for governments to protect children’s environmental rights, also known as General Comment No. 26The draft is based on the contributions of 7,416 children from 103 countries and hundreds in the global community from the first set of consultations hosted by the Committee.

How can children and young people get involved in the second consultation?

Complete an online questionnaire

The questionnaire has questions based on key topics within the draft of General Comment No. 26 and are centered on solutions.

Host or take part in a workshop

We invite children, young people and adult allies to host workshops with children, especially from more marginalized communities, to participate in the second consultation. The Children’s Advisory Team has produced the Save our Planet, Save our Future Toolkit with information and tips on how to host a workshop for children. It features the same questions in the online questionnaire but presented as activities.


The Committee is delighted to be working with Climate Cardinals, an international youth-led organisation working to make the climate movement more accessible to those who do not speak English. They have over 6,000 volunteers translating climate information into over 100 languages. They have kindly agreed to support translating the Save our Planet, Save our Future Toolkit and online questionnaire into other languages. If you would like the toolkit or online questionnaire in a language that is not available you are welcome to translate it (toolkit / questionnaire) or you can contact us at:

If you are using a Toolkit or questionnaire that is not in English, Spanish or French you must submit children’s responses either through one of the existing online questionnaires or by adding them to this spreadsheet and emailing by 15 February 2023. Although it would be helpful if you translate responses into either English, French or Spanish, responses will be accepted in all languages.

Please note: These translations were done on a voluntary basis and not reviewed for quality assurance.

What will happen to the findings from the consultations?

General Comment No. 26

The findings will help the Committee to revise the first draft of General Comment No. 26, to make sure the final version reflects stakeholder’s views and ideas as best as possible, including that of children. The final General Comment 26 will also be available in a child-friendly version.

Contributions will be used to create a Children’s Global Charter, an inspirational message from children and young people around the world on their vision for a safe, healthy and sustainable world that respects their rights.

Make sure every voice is heard

Invite children and young people far and wide to participate in the General Comment consultations that will inform official United Nations guidelines on what governments must do to protect the rights of children and the planet.