Children and Young People’s  Second Consultation

Second phase of consultations

The second phase of consultations on the draft General Comment No. 26 has now ended. We wish to say a huge thank you to the thousands of children, young people and adults from around the world who participated. We look forward to sharing the findings with you in the near future.

Your contributions will inform the final General Comment No. 26 which will be available in 2023 along with the findings from the consultations. We invite you to sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with more exciting news to come.

What will happen to the findings from the consultations?

General Comment No. 26

The findings will help the Committee to revise the draft General Comment No. 26, to make sure the final version reflects stakeholder’s views and ideas as best as possible, including the views of children and young people. A child-friendly version of the final General Comment No. 26 will also be available.

The findings from the consultations with children and young people will also be used to create a Children’s Global Charter, an inspirational message from children and young people around the world on their vision for a safe, healthy and sustainable world that respects their rights. This will be made up of children’s own words and artwork and be launched alongside General Comment No. 26 to raise awareness of why it is so important for children.