Meet our advisors

Experts across ages, experiences and backgrounds are helping guide the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child in building and spreading awareness to General Comment No. 26.

Children’s Advisory Team

Angella Fostino
Child Rights Activist
Aniva Clarke
Pacific Climate Activist
Bach Lam
Children's Rights Advocate
Elisabeth Muyinganyiki
Climate Influencer and Child Rights Activist
Esmeralda Curi Quispe
Climate Activist
Francisco Javier Vera Manzanares
Citizen, Climate Activist and Defender of Life
George Kande
Children’s Rights Activist
Kartik Verma
Climate and Child Right Activist
Madhvi Chittoor
ZeroWaste, EcoEthics and Climate Justice Activist

Advisory Board

Agnès Gracia Corberó
Programme Officer, Child Rights Connect
Aoife Nolan
Professor of International Human Rights Law, School of Law, University of Nottingham
Benjamin Schachter
Human Rights Officer, Environment and Climate Change
Brianna Fruean
Activist and Environmental Advocate
Chiara Liguori
Policy Adviser and Researcher – Climate Justice
Chiara Sacchi
Environmental Activist
Dr. David R. Boyd
UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment
Gautam Narasimhan
Global Lead for Climate, Energy, and Environment, UNICEF
Helena Gualinga
Environmental and Indigenous Rights Defender

Steering Group

Bruna Leite, Regional Consultations

Jonas Schubert, Lead Coordinator

Joni Pegram, Technical Expertise and Drafting 

Katie Reid, Children’s Advisory Team and Child Participation

Kristen Cordero, Communications and Outreach

Seán McCabe, Thematic Consultations and Advisory Board

Wannakarn Opassatien, Communications and Outreach