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Children and Young People’s Online Consultations

We are calling on young people ages 17 and under to share your views and experiences on your rights, the environment and climate change.

Your inputs will help shape the first draft of General Comment No. 26, official United Nations guidelines on what governments must do to uphold your rights and to protect our planet.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve studied or where you’re from, we want to hear from you!

***The questionnaire is available in English, French and Spanish. If you would like to translate it into another language, please visit our FAQ page.***

Global Online Consultations

The first global online questionnaire informing the content of the General Comment No. 26 is now closed. Thank you to the hundreds of people from around the world that participated!

Your contributions are informing the first draft of the General Comment which will be available in 2022 along with the opportunity to participate in a second global online consultation to provide feedback to the draft. To stay updated we invite you to sign up to our newsletter.

Make sure every voice is heard

Invite children and young people far and wide to participate in the General Comment online consultations that will inform official United Nations guidelines on what governments must do to protect the rights of children and the planet.